First DUI Awareness Scholarship Winner

WOW! What a huge success the 1st scholarship contest was.  There were some really good entries, tons of creativity and well done videos. The goal of the contest was to raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Students were required to create a public service advertisement video (PSA) which raises awareness of the severity of the consequences of drunk driving. I wanted students to understand that there are more problems than accidents, automobile damage and personal injury. Other consequences include loss of license, jail time and life-long effects on your career and criminal record.

The 2015 winner was Neil Schubel of Fredericksburg, VA. Neil will graduate from Chancellor High School this June and has been accepted to George Mason University. Watch Neil’s winning video:

Congrats Neil, and well done!

For the next scholarship, I changed the guidelines slightly to allow for 2 winners per year.  Each semester, a winner will be announced, and a $500 scholarship will be awarded. Applications are now being accepted for the fall semester. The deadline for the fall semester is November 30, 2015 and the winner will be announced by December 31, 2015. For requirements and submission information, visit the scholarship page.


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