Many of my clients have given me the wonderful compliment of providing a testimonial or referring their friends and family to me. This page highlights a few of those audio, video, and written testimonials.

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I highly recommend Andrew and his staff, for anyone, if traffic violations require a court appearance. Andrew was able to have a reckless driving charge against me dismissed, without my having to appear in court. We were able to conduct all business by phone or mail, which is a valuable time saver. In a situation that is very nerve-racking, Andrew and his staff are totally professional, helpful in every way and made the process, for me, very easy.

Andrew Flusche and his staff are well respected and know how to handle court cases very well. He helped me dismiss a charge that could of restricted my basic needs. Really great.

While traveling through Virginia on my way back to my home in Georgia, I received a speeding ticket. I contacted Attorney Andrew Flusche for him to assist us in handling this situation. Do to his prompt and professional efforts, the case was dismissed altogether.

I highly recommend Mr. Flusche to anyone needing legal assistance.

Andrew Flusche and his office are a great team. Treated with respect and always with a sense of urgency. I was informed with every step taken either through him or his staff. I'm grateful to have stumbled across Andrew and his firm and truly appreciate your professionalism and dedication to your work.

I highly recommend Andrew to anyone facing a moving violation in Spotsylvania County, VA. Andrew and his staff were highly professional, very responsive and very knowledgeable about the legal issues, the court system and the potential outcomes. Being a former state prosecutor, I have dealt with many defense attorneys who make promises to their clients that they can’t keep. Andrew delivers on his promises. He is worth every penny.

I recently received a reckless driving ticket. I decided to search the Internet for a lawyer in the county I received the ticket and found Andrew Flusche. I talked to him and read his books. He said he would go to court for me and try to get the charges reduced. I then decided to hire him.

He went to court for me and called that afternoon with great news! The judge agreed to drop charges if I agreed to go to a driver improvement class. I looked at the DMV classes that Andrew Flusche sent me. I scheduled the class, took it and received the certificate. I hand carried the certificate to court and payed the court cost.

I was totally satisfied with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew Flusche to anyone who needed his services, I rate Andrew Flusche 5 stars on the scale of 1-5.

Earlier this year I was charged with DUI & reckless driving in VA, after an exhaustive search I hired Andrew as my attorney, this turned out to be the best decision I made this year. Andrew and his team worked diligently with me throughout my case, had my DUI dropped and kept me informed every step of the way.

Thank you so very much for relieving the stress, allaying my concerns and most importantly, affecting the outcome of maintaining a "clean" record. Your expert handling of the details, made the outcome look easy. I would happily recommend your services to others.

Your clients are lucky to have such a thorough and attentive lawyer. You certainly have a way of making people feel like they aren't just a number or another case! If I ever find myself in need of a lawyer in Fredericksburg (which I never hope I do!), I will definitely be in touch. Take good care and good luck with your business!

As a Marylander with no experience with the Virginia courts, your ebook was a great resource. It helped me get my reckless driving charge reduced to a simple speeding ticket. Thank you!

Andrew you are the best attorney I've ever used. Your prompt responses and updates are unbelievable. Your office staff were always kind and caring and efficient. Your follow up is especially impressive. I recommend your services to anyone needing legal advice whether it is your specialty or not. I know you will steer them in the right direction. I have never encountered an attorney with such high level of dedication and customer service. I never felt like 'just a case number' as you worked to resolve my case. Not to mention the trust you have gained in the court system amongst staff and judges. You're recognized among your peers and throughout the legal system as a person of integrity. I admire you both professionally and personally. Many many thanks for resolving my traffic issue. I will never forget my experience with you and your staff. You are a credit to your profession.

Andrew is a trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable attorney at law. I was nervous about hiring my first lawyer but Andrew made the process simple and stress free. The price of his service is very reasonable and he delivered the result I wanted. My speeding ticket was dropped despite my less than stellar driving record. It was truly a pleasure working with Andrew and I would recommend him to anyone.

I wanted to thank you for representing my son in court. I have had the occasion to use several attorneys over the years and I must say that you are the most customer service oriented attorney that I have ever encountered.

Andrew is a very good attorney who listened to my issues and has excellent communication skills. He responded to all my questions and inquiries in a timely manner. ... He made me feel at ease from day one and resolved my legal case in my favor. I have recommended him to families and friends!

Mr. Flusche was a very big help in my case. He was very professional and made me feel at ease at such a scary time in my life. As a recent college graduate who never gets in trouble, I thought that my reckless driving charge would ruin my life or always find a way to haunt me. But Mr. Flusche got me through this and got me a much easier final verdict to deal with (I was going a ridiculously high speed). I would definitely refer him to any of my friends or family who get such an awful charge in Virginia. Thank you Mr. Flusche and although you were great, I hope to never see you again 🙂 No hard feelings of course!

Andrew was a pleasure to work with in my potentially job ending case. He worked hard to ensure I got the perfect outcome I needed. Now I can continue doing what I do best...saving lives. Words cannot express my appreciation for the outcome you were able to obtain. I will recommend you in the future.

Andrew is a real pro & obviously has a lot of clout in Stafford, Va's traffic court.

He was successful in getting my reckless driving charge entirely dismissed.

Thanks Andrew

Andrew is a wonderful lawyer. I never had a need for a lawyer before, so I was unsure about who to trust with my case and the overall process it entailed. I am so grateful to have had Andrew as my lawyer. I appreciated his prompt and genuine communication and guidance with me throughout the entire process. He was professional and kind, and I can honestly say I will pass along his name to those I know.

On one Saturday for a family trip I get stopped going 86 miles. Reckless driving.... I was devastated! The next week I received a letter from Andrew Flusche. Decided to call and case was dismissed. I'm sooo grateful for that. Thank you!

I got a DUI 2nd offence and hired Andrew to do my case. He kept me well informed about my case as well as got a lot of things dropped. I will be recommending him in the future to anyone I know.

I would highly recommend Andrew Flusche moving forward. He provided great suggestions and consultation that proved very helpful in us getting the charges reduced.

I am very thankful i didn't get a misdemeanor this morning thanks to Mr. Flusche.

Andrew was exceptionally prepared and answered every question I had. I was charged with reckless driving and since the police officer had no evidence Andrew took swift action to get it dismissed. I highly recommend hiring him for the future.

I cant say enough about Andrew Flusche and how he handled my case. From start to finish I felt he was always very involved and available. He made sure we pulled out all the stops to get my 92/65 reckless driving down to a speeding ticket and it worked. I will also add that my driving record was far from perfect so I felt that without Andrew in my corner I would have been in serious trouble. I highly recommend retaining an attorney for a reckless driving case in VA and in my opinion you cannot go wrong with Andrew.

I was impressed with your professionalism beginning with the initial phone consultation. Your patience and candor in answering my questions heavily influenced my decision to have you represent me in this crucial matter.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with you. I really appreciate you and what you did for me today.

I’m a 64 year old transplant from Oklahoma. This last July after loosing a very loved member of our family I drank to much beer and was stopped by a county sheriff and arrested for DUI, I was taken to jail to sleep it off that night. I was never so embarrassed in all my life. This was a first for me in 45 yrs. of beer drinking and doing the right thing. I was crushed and at a loss as to where to turn, so I turned to the Internet and looked up 4 lawyers in my area and Andrew was one of the 4. I wrote one email explaining my situation and sent it to all four lawyers. Two were to busy one called me and wanted to get back to me and then I heard from Andrew and the first words out of his mouth was I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, and you have my condolences. I picked him right then and there to represent me. Later I saw his testimonial page and was glad I had chosen him to assist me with this mess.

The long and the short of my story is I lost my license for one yr and had to pay court cost and fines and go to ASAP school. It was my fault, What Andrew did for me was to work with the prosecutor and the officer that arrested me and helped me get the least amount of damage as possible.

He came to my home and picked me up, took me to court, represented me, and made the entire experience very easy to deal with at this stage of my life, and he also shared with me the good I could get out of this mess, taking all things into consideration, and make me a better Senior Citizen down the road.

No matter what your situation is, do yourself a favor, and give this nice young man a try, I promise you will not be sorry. He is a Mans man and it was my honor to have him in my corner. Thanks Andrew for what you do for those in need.

Retired Firefighter.

Andrew Flusche handled my case in a manner that exceeded my expectations. His demeanor is both professional and engaging... In short, I am so glad that he represented me and I feel that he epitomizes what a true lawyer should represent- integrity, diligence and honesty.

Attorney Andrew Flusche, is definitely worth having by your side when in court. I saw people after people standing in front of the judge, without a lawyer and most were there to plead guilty. With Mr. Flusche, he will do everything he can, to get your charge reduced, that is of course if you didn’t murder anyone in cold blood. Don’t go to court without a lawyer. Spend the money it takes, it is worth it.

Sometimes people want just a little hand with there situation. Welcome to the big hand. When talking with Andrew I could feel the assurance that he was going to do best possible job for me and my problem. He was going to bring good results with a smile. Your name will definitely be passed around. Thanks again.

I was amazed at how smoothly my problem was handled. We were able to conduct our business by phone and computer. I did not even have to go to court. Andrew handled everything for me. What a relief!

As an experienced business man and a certified ‘lead foot’, I have worked with many lawyers during the course of my life. Andrew is absolutely the best I have ever encountered. I spent time before my case was heard watching him handle several other cases, his style, demeanor and poise was truly awesome to watch. His knowledge of the judges and law enforcement officers allows him to quickly assess the best way to handle a situation on a case by case basis, very quick on his feet and very prepared. Andrew is MY lawyer and I give him my highest recommendation.

Andrew Flusche was my lawyer in the stafford county,

I was pulled over by police for reckless driving and impounded me with 96 miles/ hour.

In virginia this is a severe offense and getting away with it without the license getting suspended seemed very difficult.

Andrew was helpful in an amazing way, especially with his immediate response to my emails. Seems like he was always there to answer back.

His advice helped I gathered all the paperwork he suggested and met him in the court.

I was charged with hefty fine but he saved my license. This was a victory in itself.

the Plus points that i would accord to Andrew would be his response times, when your lawyer responds back on the same day you feel that you are in safe hands….

I am really glad Andrew handled my traffic case- I never had to go to court before and he made it very easy.

The day of my court date-I only had to stand there and he did all the work.

I would recommend Andrew to anyone who needs his expertise.

A Very Very Satisfied Client

I will never regret hiring Andrew to represent me in court for this traffic violation that could have cost me a lot. With his confidence and professional approach, Andrew has made the process very smooth, he got me a satisfying outcome and – most importantly – he has updated me in very details all along the process until after the case was closed. I would recommend him to anybody who wants a better representation in court.

Andrew provided excellent service, answering all my questions and handling the situation in a professional manner. His contact with me was superb, including a telephone call immediately after court decision was rendered.

As my wife and I were coming through Stafford, Va on a Sunday afternoon we were surprised by being pulled for driving twenty miles over the speed limit. We were more astonished to learn that in the Common Wealth of Virginia that was considered reckless driving . Having no knowledge of Virginia laws and living in Florida it became necessary to find attorney to handle my case. I believe Andrew was a God send. I found him to be professional, effective and relational. I am pleased to say that Andrew got the charges dismissed after I complete the driving school.

Truly a great attorney. I was charged with reckless driving and Andrew was able to mediate between with the officer and myself to get my charge successfully dismissed with driving school. He was quick to return my calls and emails and reassure my concerns. Don’t go to court alone regardless your situation. Have Andrew represent you and you won’t regret it.

Facing a serious traffic violation can seem very daunting. Andrew helped lessen my anxiety by providing excellent representation. He is friendly, responsive, professional, and most importantly, he achieved the best possible result for my case. I would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking counsel.

To make a long story short, I was a victim in an accident that major damage to me and my vehicle. To top it all off I was cited with a reckless driving ticket. Holding a high Clearance with the government and the fact I was the victim caused me to go out and seek a good attorney to represent me. After looking around, I finally talked to Andrew. From the get go, Andrew asked all the right question to let me know he was serious about representing me in my case. Andrew and I had a few conversations prior to my court date, but never met in person. I was confident the Andrew had a good defense ready but was still a little uneasy come court date. I met with Andrew just prior to court, he an I went over the game plan so to speak. When it was time to go before the judge Andrew had his laptop ready, with questions already written out for all who testified. I was really impressed; he planned the hearing from start to finish and left nothing out. After Andrew questioned the Officer, other driver, and the witness he made a statement to stick the case. Meaning throw It out because there was no real evidence. The judge agreed and I was found not guilty. I never even had to say a word in court.

Bottom line, if you have to spend the money on an attorney you might as well spend it on someone who will go the extra mile. Andrew is my guy from now on, hopefully I won’t need him though!

Thanks again.

I got a Reckless Driving ticket coming home from DC. After doing the research and knowing what was on the line (HUGE fine and 6 points on my license), I looked online for Attorneys in the Stafford area and hired Andrew. He took the reins from there, represented me at court so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way back up there and got it reduced to Improper Driving. (Only 3 points and a much smaller fine!!) He was super professional and always got responded to my emails promptly! I will recommend him to any friends that find themselves in the same situation!!

Andrew Flusche handled my case in a thoroughly professional and cost efficient manner. He resolved the matter favorably and the outcome was as he predicted.

I will start off by telling you that if you are looking for an attorney to represent you, this is your best. I have hired several traffic attorneys to represent me in the past, but the quality that I got from Andrew was amazing. If I sent Andrew an email, I got a response back with 30 min. That includes late nights. Even when he was in court waiting for my case to be called, he emailed me telling me he was there. I don’t trust much attorneys, but Andrew made this transaction feel like if he was a friend of mine that was representing me. This was soooo smooth. Even the results to my case was great. I will tell you, that you get your money worth with Andrew. I shopped around before deciding. His prices are way better and his personality and charisma is better than any attorney I have spoken to in that area. I will highly recommend Andrew to you or any friend. Thank you Andrew.

Hello, my name is Brent and I would like to tell anyone that may be looking for a great traffic attorney to look no further than Mr. Flusche. I received a reckless driving ticket recently and upon reviewing the possible punishment without an attorney, I promptly started to look for someone to represent my case. I made one phone call to Mr. Flusche and with his knowledge of traffic laws, he had me to get the necessary documents needed to have a successful case for me. Mr. Flusche went to court for me, presented all documents needed for my defense of the reckless case, got the reckless reduced to a speeding ticket and to make things even better, the judge said that once I take a drivers defense course and pay a $75 court cost fine, that the speeding ticket would be thrown out and no points accessed on my driving record. I would like to say again THANKS to Mr. Flusche for his hard work and to anyone looking for great representation, call Mr. Flusche FIRST.

Thanks Andrew, for top notch representation. You save me alot of fees, and travel time. The reduction you got for me, on the ticket I received, was wonderful. I never even had to go to court! It doesn’t get much better than that!….Thanks again.

I have been extremely pleased with the results and the professionalism by which I was treated by Mr. Andrew Flusche. From the very beginning, he explained to me all the possible consequences of my traffic violation that lead me to retain Andrew as my attorney.

He kept me inform regularly on the progress of his work to address my case. I did not have to be present at hearing, he handled all that for me and as soon as the hearing was done, he contacted me to let me know the good news. He made the hold process very painless. I had a choice of several other attorneys, but I am extremely pleased that I chose Mr. Andrew Flusche to represent me and I would not hesitate to use his services again or to recommend him to any of my friends.

Excellent outcome with virtually no effort from my part, Andrew was knowledgeable, effective, and efficient. He was patient and willing to listen prior to giving his opinion. I will certainly be recommending him to all personal and business acquaintances.

although no one intends a traffic violation, sometimes it happens. andrew flusche handled my case in a professional manner, always responding to my queries with a fast , diligent reply. i thank him for successfully representing me and attaining the best outcome possible.

Thanks again for getting my wife’s traffic charge dismissed, the result exceeded our expectations and you certainly backed up everything that you posted in your website.

Great communication and follow through! Knowledgeable and knows how to get the job done. Took care of everything for me regarding my ticket, I had to do NOTHING. Thank you!

Andrew Flusche is an Attorney you can rely on and I whole heartedly recommend his skills and expertise. His fees are reasonable and he was in contact with me throughout the duration of my court case. Mr. Flusche advised me of what documentation he needed and made other recommendations for my case. Andrew Flusche presented my circumstances to the court and achieved an outcome with a better than anticipated ending to my case. I am very very satisfied.

you did very good. i love how things went. thanks alot for everything.

Thank You is not enough for the service that you provided for me in the “State of Virginia.” Several correspondence, from Lawyer’s in your area were mailed to me in Connecticut, in regard to the driving infraction that was given to me in September 2009. I did not know what to do or who to trust. All I knew is that I had to appear in Virginia “traffic court” on September 22, two days after my birthday. I was charged with “reckless driving by speed”. Not knowing the driving laws of your state, I was devastated. And thought I could pay a fine on the spot or at lease mail it in , no way. The officer said I had to appear in court. What was I going to do.Well after many calls to Lawyer’s in the Virginia area, “none”seemed like they were really interested plus there “fees” were to high.

My last call was my last hope I could not go to Virginia, From Connecticut..I called Attorney Andrew Flusche we talked, a client plan was made and signed by e-mail , a very reasonable”fee” was made “ON LINE” the rest is history. I never left Connecticut, not to mention the driving violation was dropped to a lesser charge, “Thanks ” to Attorney Flusche, who I never even met. We became first name business associates. If you ever need a Attorney ,where ever you live,call Andrew Flusche. I’m glad I did.

Having been involved in the criminal justice system for 40 years it was a pleasure working with Andrew Flusche for my legal needs. Andrew was knowledgeable, thorough and totally professional which resulted in an adjudication to my complete satisfaction.

Andrew is an excellent attorney when it comes to handling traffic tickets. My case was very complicated and he handled it very professionally and promptly. I recommend Andrew for his great service.

Thanks very much for you did a great job for me about my case at court. i knew that is a serious case. i feel i’m very lucky because i met excellent lawyer like you.

Andrew was very knowledgeable about what was going on. i felt vary good about Andrew representing me.

Returning from a recent business trip I was stopped by a police officer. I thought I was just going to be given a speeding ticket and sent on my way but the officer informed me he was giving a reckless driving by speed citation and that I would need to appear in court. I was more then an hour from my home at that point. I got home and did some research online and immediately became concerned with the severity of the situation. After searching around on the internet, Andrew’s name came up and I decided to give him a call. He promptly called me back the next morning and asked me the particulars of the situation and about my driving record. He was very honest and let me know that because of some past offenses I might not be able to get the citation reduced, but offered some other advice to help. After I retained him he always promptly returned calls and emails and even talked with my uncle who is an attorney in another state. I followed his advice and submitted all the paper work he requested and didn’t even need to appear in court myself. Thanks to Andrew’s advice, he was able to get my ciatation reduced and probably saved me a lot of headaches and money in car insurance.

The professionalism and timeliness that Andrew Flusche demonstrated as my legal counsel was incredible! Mr. Flusche was very attentive to my needs and communicated deadlines. I was provided complete answers to my questions and options to consider based on the case presented. I am very pleased with the final product and will use Mr. Flusche for future legal matters. Thank you!

Everything involved with my case was handled in a professional and timely matter, I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and its outcome.

Mr. Flusche immediately understood what was at stake for our so...in clear concise language he walked us through the steps necessary to meet the legal hurdles head on...and secured for our son an outcome that exceeded expectations. We left court that day knowing that we had hired a competent and true professional. On behalf of our family...Thank You.

Having an attorney produce critical documents gave me a sense of peace, one less thing to focus on. To top it off, you did it at a price that was very affordable and completely worthwhile.

Fortunately I found Andrew’s website, and I immediately knew this was the way to go. The website was well organized, he responded quickly as promised, and the consultation was free. So for me the decision to go with Andrew was easy to make. With my case being so serious, I was really nervous due to concerns for my immigration status, and employment. With confidence, Andrew told me to just relax and that everything would be fine. Yes, everything was fine.

I got a reckless driving ticket for going 25 over, and decided to get an attorney to protect my interests. For a very reasonable charge, Andrew attacked the charge against me from all angles, and in the end I was not convicted. I can’t say enough good things about him.

I was so satisfied by the clarity Attorney Flusche explained my case before the court that I have listed him as the first call my organization will make if any of my drivers are ever pulled over again in Virginia.

Not only did Andrew assist with the cease and desist that I hired him for, he also made numerous phone calls on our behalf and facilitated the transfer of the infringed domains names to our company. Five stars is not enough for Andrew. I wish I could give him ten!

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