What is the Penalty for Reckless Driving in Spotsylvania?

To answer the question will depend upon the facts and circumstances of your unique case. That’s why I always recommend talking with the local, experienced reckless driving attorney.

The penalties for reckless driving in Spotsylvania can vary quite widely depending on the case. They can range from anything from dismissing the case due to lack of evidence, to dismissing the case because you attended driving school, to being found guilty, and going to jail for a few days. Everything in between is also a possibility. So you can see there is quite a range of outcomes for a reckless driving in Spotsylvania, VA ticket.

On the lower end of the scale you have cases that are eligible to be dismissed with driving school or reduced to a lesser event, like speeding. These cases are typically cases where speed is the only issue and where the speed is relatively low. For example if you are right on the line for 20 mph over the limit or if you’re right on the 80 mph line on the Interstate, the judge may very well consider dismissing the case with you going to a driving school. The higher the speeds go the less likely route of a dismissal gift but up to a certain reasonable speed, the judge may consider reducing the case if you agree to attend driving school or if you have a good record.

One important thing to note about driving school in Spotsylvania is that the judge would normally not issue driving school for anything if you’ve been to driving school at all within the past five years. If that applies to you, you definitely should talk with an attorney to find out what other possibilities may happen.

On the upper end of the scale for reckless driving punishment are cases where you are looking at real threat of jail time. Those are cases where typically the speeding is alleged to be over 100 mph. A rule of thumb we use in the Spotsylvania area is that if you’re charged with reckless driving of over 100 mph, you’re looking at about a day in jail for every mile over 100. So let’s say you are charged with 102 mph on the Interstate, then you may be looking at a couple days in jail.

Along with jail time in more serious cases, you are probably looking at a very substantial fine. The maximum fine is $2,500. This is typically on the higher speed cases, like a 102 mph for example. At that speed, I would advise potential clients that you’re looking at a fine in the neighborhood of $1,000. Finally, on high speed cases the judge most likely will take your privilege to drive in Virginia for period of time. That can be a maximum of six months. Typically it can be somewhere in the middle, like in the neighborhood of three months. In many cases we can get you a restricted license so you are able to drive to work.

As you can see, there’s quite a spectrum of what can happen for a reckless driving in Spotsylvania ticket. That’s why I always recommend talking with a local attorney. I regularly handle cases in Spotsylvania where my office is and where I live. I would be honored to talk with you about your case. If you are not ready to call yet, you can absolutely request a copy of my free book, which is all about reckless driving in Virginia. It has great information about what you should expect and also some great pointers on how to pick the right attorney for reckless driving case.

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