VASAP is Required for Virginia DUI / DWI

A while ago I talked about VASAP, but I thought a quick refresher might be in order.

VASAP stands for: Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

In a nutshell, if you’re convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia, the court has to order you to complete VASAP.

Yep, it’s a pain.

Virginia Code 18.2-271.1 provides the VASAP requirement. It says that anyone convicted of a first or second offense of Virginia DUI must be ordered to enter into and complete VASAP. In practice, VASAP is typically required as a condition of suspended jail time. In other words, if you don’t complete VASAP as ordered, you could serve more time in jail.

In addition to the risk of jail, you cannot get your Virginia license or privilege to drive reinstated without completing VASAP. Some people end up suspended for a DUI for much longer than 12 months simply because they didn’t complete VASAP.

The problem with VASAP for some people is that it’s costly and burdensome. The VASAP fee is several hundred dollars, and a minimum course of treatment is typically 10 education classes. For second offense DUIs, many people are referred for counseling as well, which costs even more money.

As much of an expensive pain as it is, you’ve got to complete the program if you’re convicted of Virginia DWI / DUI. The good news is that at least your restricted license will let you drive for your VASAP classes and treatment.

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