Should You Calibrate Your Speedometer?


Many of the “beat your ticket” books recommend having your speedometer calibrated in reckless driving cases. In reality, this isn’t always the best use of your money.

The reason you might want to think about a speedometer calibration is simple: if your speedometer is reading lower than it’s supposed to, you can get your charge reduced by the amount of the error.

But a speedometer calibration takes time and it costs money. So I don’t recommend it for clients unless it is truly a good idea for your specific case.

In general, you should consider calibrating your speedometer if you are charged with a speed that is within three or four miles per hour of a couple critical marks:

  1. The reckless driving limit. Reckless driving is any speed over 85 mph or any speed that is 20 mph over the speed limit.
  2. The jail range. Jurisdictions have varying standards of when you are truly facing jail time on a reckless driving charge. If you are close to the jail line, you need anything that can possibly help.
  3. The driving school range. Some jurisdictions have a clear cut off mark for when you are not eligible to attend driving school in order to have your case dismissed. A calibration might help you obtain this favorable outcome.

If you are curious about whether or not you should consider a speedometer calibration, I would love to talk with you.

Andrew Flusche

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