Virginia Radar Detector Ban Still In Force

radar detectors

Virginia natives know the law about radar detectors. And any visitor to the Commonwealth has seen the huge warning signs as they cross the border.

Welcome to Virginia, but watch your speed!

A bill that would have repealed Virginia’s radar detector ban failed in the House of Delegates on the 11th. The bill was quite simple, just trying to repeal the entire statute regarding radar detectors. It would have legalized detectors in the Commonwealth and caused the removal of those wonderful signs at the borders.

The Free Lance-Star reported that the House actually voted on the bill twice. It failed by a narrow margin the first time. The House reconsidered and rejected it by a larger margin on the second vote.

Unless Virginia some day repeals the radar detector ban, you can’t legally use one. The only way you can even have it in your vehicle is if it’s not plugged in and it’s not accessible to anyone in the vehicle. To me, that means it must be somewhere like the trunk.

Photo by AlbinoFlea
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