Reckless Driving in Virginia with a Security Clearance

I work with many clients who have security clearance concerns regarding their reckless driving in Virginia. What will happen to your career and your clearance?

The best person to answer this question is your clearance review officer. I understand that some people don’t want to tell their clearance review supervisor when they have a charge, but quite honestly that’s your best course of action. Your clearance review officer should have the best answers for you.

These cases differ a whole lot based on the type of clearance and, of course, the overall situation that you’re in. From what I understand, in many situations a single conviction of reckless driving in Virginia is not going to be a bar or a killer of a security clearance. However, I have read manuals about clearances that specify that multiple serious traffic violations can be considered a serious situation to cause a clearance problem. From a common sense standpoint, what that says to me is that if you are incurring serious traffic violations, the clearance review folks may be concerned that you have a judgment problem.

In a security clearance situation, I recommend that you consider fighting and trying to at least minimize any reckless driving ticket. The real problem could be that one reckless driving ticket hopefully will not be an issue with the clearance. But if you were to just accept one conviction and then incur another one a few years later, it can be harder to fight the second. And as I mentioned, two serious traffic offenses on the record could be a problem for your clearance.

Finally, remember that some employers require you to report any convictions at all, depending on the fine. Check over your policy or your handbook and see if there’s any rules like that, because you definitely need to tell your attorney if there’s a certain fine amount that we need to stay under. I’ve had many clients who had that situation, and we do our absolute best to try to keep the fine below the reportable amount so it doesn’t trigger your duty to report the ticket.

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