How Much Will My Virginia Speeding Ticket Cost Me?

Exploring the consequences of speeding in Virginia?

This guide unpacks the potential financial hit from fines to court fees, and how expert legal representation can make a difference in your case.

Key Takeaways

  • Virginia speeding ticket costs include fines ($6-$8 per mph over the limit), court fees (around $61-$67), and potential additional charges.
  • Specific fines depend on the traffic code section violated, with variations for location and severity.
  • Reckless driving (20+ mph over limit) can lead to higher fines and legal penalties.
  • Legal representation can influence outcomes and costs, emphasizing the benefit of consulting a traffic defense lawyer.

Understanding the Cost of a Speeding Ticket in Virginia

speeding ticket costs virginiaLike many of my clients with speeding tickets, you are probably asking, how much is a speeding ticket in Virginia?

A speeding ticket can be very serious in Virginia. You can end up paying hefty fines in addition to other things like court fees.

Whether a lawyer represents you can also affect the cost of your speeding ticket.

An experienced traffic lawyer can help protect you from unnecessary negative consequences of your speeding ticket.

Contact the experienced Virginia speeding ticket lawyers at Andrew Flusche, Attorney at Law today to learn how Andrew Flusche can help you.

Determining the Code Section of Your Virginia Speeding Ticket

Fines for speeding are predetermined and set out in the traffic code. The summons will contain a section titled “Law Section.”

You will find the section of the relevant traffic code listed here.

For example, you will see section 46.2-870 for a general speeding violation.

Then, look below to see the fine attached to the law violated.

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Determining the Court Cost of Your Speeding Ticket in Virginia

You may have to pay court costs for your speeding violation. Court costs are separate from the fines associated with a speeding ticket.

This means that the total cost of your speeding ticket in Virginia will include court costs on top of the fine.

Court costs vary somewhat depending on the jurisdiction. However, court costs are often between $61 and $67.

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Caught speeding in Virginia? Your best option is to speak with an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer. With years of experience representing clients cited for speeding in Virginia. I handle each case myself and provide every client with personal representation. Call 540.356.3020 or visit online for a free consultation. Call Today


Determining Your Virginia Speeding Ticket Fine

The Virginia Code defines traffic and speeding laws.

Each section contains a different speeding law, and violating that law then corresponds to a fine amount.

The fine is either $6, $7, or $8 for each mile per hour over the speed limit you were driving.

For example, if you were driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit and the associated fine is $6 for each mile, your fine will be $60.

Below are the fines for various code violations. One of these code sections should match the code listed on your summons.

A fine of $6 for every mile per hour of the speed limit applies to:

A fine of $7 for every mile per hour of the speed limit applies to the following violations:

The fine for speeding in certain residential areas is $200 plus $8 per mile over the speed limit (§46.2-878.2).

Speeding on a highway can come with a maximum fine of $500. This fine will double if you do not appear in court (§46.2-947).

You should always speak with a traffic defense lawyer about your case.

I may be able to get your charges reduced, even if you know you were speeding. Contact my office today to get started.

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Potential Additional Costs for Speeding Tickets in Virginia

Court Fees

The average court fee is around $64 for speeding.

If you are facing several charges, you will need to pay an additional fee for each.

Also, the court will charge you a 4% convenience fee if you pay the court with a credit or debit card.

Note that a judge may waive court costs. I try to minimize court costs for clients when at all possible.

Attorney Fees

An attorney’s fees depend upon each individual lawyer, the complexity of the case, and your goals for the case.

For example, if you are charged with a high-speed reckless driving offense that could result in jail time, you will likely pay a higher attorney’s fee than if you have a simple pre-payable speeding ticket.

Because every lawyer and firm uses different billing practices, you should speak directly with the attorney for more information on fees.

Failure to Appear Fees

If you do not appear in court, the court will charge you a $35 fee. You can request a hearing to explain your absence.

The court may decide not to charge this fee if you have a good reason for failing to appear.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Virginia Speeding Tickets

How Much Will a Virginia Speeding Ticket Cost?

The total Virginia Speeding Ticket cost for fines and costs varies depending upon the court and if you are charged with speeding or reckless driving by speed.

For simple speeding, the statutory fine is $6 per mile per hour over the limit. Court costs are usually about $80.

How Much is a Ticket for Going 20 Over in Virginia?

If you are accused of exceeding the speed limit by 20 or more miles per hour, you normally receive a reckless driving ticket.

Check the code section written on your ticket to be sure. If your charge is for reckless driving, the judge sets the fine anywhere up to $2,500.

What Happens if You Get a Speeding Ticket in Virginia?

The speeding ticket itself (the top will say “Virginia Uniform Summons”) will have a court date listed on it. That is the date/time where you can appear in court – or send a lawyer on your behalf – to argue the ticket.

Is 85 MPH Reckless in Virginia?

It depends upon the speed limit where you received the ticket. Virginia defines reckless driving as going 20 mph or more above the limit OR exceeding 85 mph regardless of the speed limit.

If you are in a 70 mph zone, 85 mph would just be simple speeding. But if the speed limit is 65 mph or lower, then 85 mph IS reckless driving.

How Long Does a Speeding Ticket in Virginia Stay on Your Record?

For Virginia license holders, a simple speeding ticket stays on your record for five years. If you have a license from another state, you should consult with your state’s DMV.

Is Speeding a Felony in Virginia?

No. Speeding is a “traffic infraction” in Virginia. If you are charged with “reckless driving” by speed, that is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Speeding typically only becomes a felony in rare circumstances where you are proven to have killed someone else, for example.

Can You go to Jail for Speeding in Virginia?

Yes. Simple speeding alone is only an “infraction,” which means jail is NOT possible. However, reckless driving by speed IS a jailable offense.

I talk to people routinely who are surprised that jail IS a risk for their first offense for simply exceeding the speed limit by 20+ mph.

Typically in my area, jail becomes a real risk if you were exceeding the limit by 30 mph or more.

Is it Worth Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Virginia?

Absolutely! I’m biased of course, but it’s smart to get out in front of a speeding ticket to try to protect your driving record and insurance rates.

Speeding tickets also can hurt some people’s livelihood and ability to obtain future jobs. You should always at least talk to a local lawyer to see what your options are.

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Get in Touch with a Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Today and Receive a Free Consultation

If you were caught speeding in Virginia, your best option is to speak with an experienced Virginia traffic lawyer.

I have years of experience representing clients cited for speeding in Virginia.

I handle each case myself and provide every client with personal representation.

Contact Andrew Flusche, Attorney at Law online or call 540.356.3020 today to set up your free initial consultation.

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