Our Virtual Receptionist – Now on Android!

published by Andrew Flusche on June 24, 2013

Ruby Receptionists

As part of our commitment to fanatical customer service, we use a great virtual receptionist to help answer our s. Christina is our awesome Case Manager who you’d normally talk to during office hours. But if she’s tied up or if you call in the evening, you’ll talk to Ruby.

Ruby Receptionists is based out in Oregon, and they’re top notch in every way. To learn a bit about their customer service philosophy, check out their 10 favorite customer service tips.

A while ago Ruby debuted an iPhone app where clients could update their calling instructions and check messages on the go. Being the Android lover that I am, I naturally asked when the Android version would go live. :)

In typical Ruby style, they did it!

Ruby’s Android app is available on Google Play. The coolest part is the ability to update your call-handling instructions on the fly. For small businesses who need their receptionist to adapt and change daily, that’s powerful.

If you’d like to give Ruby a try for your business, start your free 14-day trial.

Photo from Ruby Receptionists

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