I was Wrongfully Ticketed for Improper Lane Usage, What can I do?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 25, 2014

improper lane change

This type of question depends upon the type of lane charge you have, but you should immediately talk with a local traffic defense attorney, who can hopefully advise you of that possibility in a case like yours. If you have a case in the Fredericksburg area, please give me a call today or go ahead […]

What are the Different Types of Bonds in Virginia?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 19, 2014

bail bonds

There are basically two main types of bonds in Virginia. If you are arrested for a crime instead of being held in jail until your trial date, the judge can set some type of bond so that way you can get out to work, to take care of your affairs and also of course assist […]

I’m Drunk Right Now. What Rights am I Losing?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 18, 2014

drinking at home

Some people wonder if they’re losing rights or losing different options in the law if they are drunk. The good news that I have for you is that you’re really not. While being drunk might be very risky and you might get yourself in trouble, due to poor decision making for example, you don’t really […]

Announcing The First Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest

published by Andrew Flusche on March 11, 2014

The Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest

I represent many people who are charged with DUI and underage possession of alcohol, so I see firsthand the consequences and far-reaching effects of these situations. In its first year ever, The Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest will require students to raise awareness about the problem of underage drinking and driving among their peers. Applicants must […]

Can I Carry a Handgun in a Box in my Car?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 6, 2014


Virginia law prohibits carrying a concealed weapon unless you have a permit to do so. So what about carrying a handgun inside a box of some sort in your vehicle? Is that against the law? A lot of people end up charged with this offense. Let’s say you’re pulled over for speeding, for some reason […]

warrant door mat

Virginia law requires that for a search warrant the officer must file a return showing whatever was seized with the circuit court within three days after the actual search habits. The question then becomes, what is the remedy if the search warrant return is not filed within those three days? Unfortunately nothing. Virginia law holds […]

Does Virginia Require Using Headlights in the Rain?

published by Andrew Flusche on February 27, 2014


Yes. Virginia law requires that if it’s raining and windshield wipers need to be used, then headlights must also be illuminated. Note that there are a couple important exceptions to this rule. First of all, if it’s just misting and windshield wipers only need to be used intermittently, the statute specifically says you don’t have […]

I am 17 and got a Ticket. Will my License be Suspended?

published by Andrew Flusche on February 20, 2014

high school lockers

If you are a driver who is 16 or 17 years old, the DMV has different rules that govern whether or not you get suspended for tickets. In general, the best rule of thumb is that for a first ticket the DMV will not suspend you, but the court might depending upon the actual nature […]

Online Traffic School

published by Andrew Flusche on February 6, 2014


There are many types of different traffic schools and driver improvement programs in Virginia that may be utilized for your traffic or misdemeanor case. In this article, we’ll talk about online traffic schools and whether or not it’s a good option for you to pursue. What is Online Traffic School? Online traffic schools in Virginia […]

Best Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer

published by Andrew Flusche on November 25, 2013

If you’re looking for the best Virginia reckless driving lawyer, I’ve got news for you. NO ONE can claim to be the best. Video Transcription Hello, I am Andrew Flusche. If you are looking for the best Virginia reckless driving attorney, I have got news for you. No one can claim to be the best. […]