Best Reckless Driving Attorney in Virginia?

published by Andrew Flusche on June 5, 2013

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Are you looking for the best reckless driving attorney in Virginia?

No lawyer can claim to be the best. The Virginia State Bar prohibits it.

Sadly, many of my colleagues seem to ignore that rule. They don’t seem to think that the lawyer advertising rules apply to them.

What other rules do they ignore? Do they keep your information confidential? Do those attorneys respect their duty of loyalty to their clients? Do they tell the truth to the court as required?

In my opinion, an attorney who flouts the advertising rules and claims to be the best reckless driving in Virginia attorney simply can’t be trusted to handle your case.

How to find the best reckless driving lawyer for your case

I would never claim to be the best Virginia reckless driving lawyer. But then how do you figure out who is best to hire for your case?

1. Find the local guy. I always recommend hiring a local traffic attorney who’s regularly in the court where your ticket’s pending. Locals should know what to expect in court and the best way to navigate your case to a good outcome.

2. Ask critical questions. You should ask questions such as, “Do you EVER pass cases off to other attorneys?” You’d be surprised to learn that some attorneys shuffle cases around to colleagues, so someone you’ve never even heard of might be standing beside you in court.

3. Read online reviews. Don’t just settle for testimonials on the lawyer’s website. You should look for reviews on sites like Google Local and Yelp. Find the truth about the attorney by reading what actual past clients experienced.

If you have a ticket for reckless driving in Virginia, let’s talk about your case. And feel free to request a free copy of my book using the form below.

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