[VIDEO] What is the Difference Between Radar and LIDAR?

I’ll explain the difference between the two and also explain which one is more accurate for picking your speed out of a pack of cars. If you have a reckless driving or speeding ticket, contact me today to see what defense options you have.

Video Transcription

Hello. My name is Andrew Flusche. I’m your Virginia traffic defense attorney. One question that comes of frequently with potential clients and clients is what’s the difference between radar and lidar? People see notations on their tickets a lot of times and wonder what they mean? Sometimes you’ll see radar or lidar.

Well, the difference is the type of device that the officer is using to measure your speed. Radar is the traditional radar guns; been around for decades that you typically think of when an officer is measuring your speed. Puts out a broad pattern of radar, and it’s using the radar beam, or the radar wave, to determine the speed of objects that are in the beam. Lidar is the newer version. It’s a laser unit. It’s using a laser beam to detect the speed of objects that are in the laser beam.

The biggest difference between radar and lidar, is radar is using the wave and it’s a little more difficult to be vehicle specific. Whereas, lidar is using a beam. The officer literally puts the sights, the lidar, onto your vehicle, and puts a dot onto your vehicle. That is how it’s measuring the speed. It is easier for officers to pick your vehicle out of a pack of cars, for example.

That’s the basic difference between lidar and radar. Both methods are acceptable in Virginia for the officer to measure your speed. Radar is a wave, it’s a more broad device that’s measuring a broader array across the roadway. Laser is a beam device that’s measuring, kind of honing in on one specific vehicle.

If you’re charged with any kind of speed, or especially reckless driving charge in Virginia, definitely contact me so we can discuss how your vehicle’s speed was measured, and what defenses we may have.

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