How Does a DUI Charge Affect Car Insurance in Virginia?

does dui affect car insuranceNearly 40 people die every day in drunk driving crashes in the United States. As a result, most states, including Virginia, maintain strict laws against drunk driving.

It’s important to remember that the consequences of drunk driving extend beyond the immediate incident and can have a lasting impact on various aspects of an individual’s life.

To prevent such consequences, make responsible choices and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A Virginia DUI (driving under the influence) conviction can significantly affect your auto insurance.

Insurance companies view DUI convictions as high-risk behavior, which can result in increased premiums, policy changes, or even difficulty finding coverage.

It is essential you speak with an attorney to defend against a DUI charge or mitigate the impact of a conviction.

Is There an Increase in Insurance Rates After a DUI?

Many people charged with DUI wonder, Does a DUI Make Your Insurance Go Up? Unfortunately, the answer is that yes, your insurance will almost certainly go up after a DUI.

When facing a DUI charge in Virginia, you may be subject to legal consequences, including fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education programs, and even jail time.

The penalties depend on factors such as your BAC level, prior DUI convictions, and aggravating circumstances. While many people know some of the direct consequences of a DUI, the impact on a motorist’s car insurance is not as widely known.

So yes, following a DUI conviction, you can also expect your insurance premiums to increase substantially.

Insurance companies consider individuals with DUI convictions to be a higher risk, which means they may raise your rates to reflect the increased likelihood of future claims.

How Much Does a DUI Raise Your Insurance?

The increase in car insurance premiums after a DUI conviction in Virginia can vary widely based on factors such as your insurance company, driving history, the specifics of your DUI case, and other personal details.

However, on average, DUI convictions substantially increase insurance rates. For example, some data indicates that Virginia drivers pay 79% more for full coverage after a DUI.

How Long Do Car Insurance Rates Stay Up After DUI?

The effects of a DUI on your insurance rates can last several years. Most insurance companies will consider the DUI on your record for a period of three to five years, during which time you can expect higher premiums.

Policy Changes

Your current insurance company might decide to reevaluate your policy or coverage. They might switch you to a higher-risk category or adjust the terms of your coverage, potentially leading to additional costs.

A DUI Could Even Mean Policy Cancellation

Some insurance companies may cancel your policy altogether after a DUI conviction.

If your insurer cancels your policy or if you’re seeking new coverage after a DUI conviction, you might encounter challenges in finding an insurance company willing to cover you at an affordable rate.

Some insurers may decline to offer you coverage, while others offer coverage at much higher rates.

How to Reduce Car Insurance Rates after DUI

The best way to understand the specific insurance consequences of a DUI in Virginia is to consult an expert DUI attorney about your case.

While a defense attorney cannot predict your exact potential insurance increase, we can definitely help you understand the full range of consequences, such as jail, fines, and license suspension.

What Is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility?

In Virginia, an FR-44 is a financial responsibility certificate required for individuals convicted of certain driving offenses, particularly DUI-related violations.

The FR-44 mandates higher liability insurance coverage limits than the standard auto insurance requirements. This higher coverage is designed to provide greater protection in case the driver is involved in another incident.

Failing to maintain the required FR-44 coverage can result in consequences such as driver’s license suspension or other legal penalties. It’s crucial to fulfill this requirement to remain in compliance with Virginia law.

DUI Defenses

It is important to remember that insurance increases following a DUI are common due to the increased risk as perceived by insurance companies.

While you may be unable to avoid an increase, exploring defenses and options with an attorney can help you make informed decisions and potentially mitigate the impact on your finances.

An experienced DUI attorney can help you strategize defenses to try to get your DUI charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced.

Further, an attorney can work with the prosecutor to address sentencing alternatives that might help reduce car insurance implications.

Are You Worried About Your Insurance Rate After a DUI Arrest?

Are you wondering, How much does your auto insurance go up after a DUI? If so, you may be asking yourself the wrong question. While insurance rates after a DUI will increase, why assume that you’re going to be convicted?

At Flusche & Fitzgerald, our dedicated Virginia DUI defense attorneys have extensive experience handling highly complex and high-stakes cases on behalf of clients across the state.

We’re familiar with the best DUI defenses, and we know how to use them to mitigate your exposure early on in the process. And we are experienced trial attorneys, so if your case ultimately goes to trial, we’ll be ready to fight on your behalf.

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