How Can I Speed up my Ignition Interlock Installation?

One of the common problems we have these days with DWI restricted licenses in Virginia is that the ignition interlock process takes some time to get set up. If you go to court for DWI and you’re found guilty, the clerks can typically give you a restricted license within a business day or two. However, getting the ignition interlock device installed can take quite a bit of time in some areas. The problem is expediting that process so you can begin driving to work again.

The solution that seems to work well if you think that a DWI conviction is probable is to pre-enroll in Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP). They won’t let you install the interlock device before court, but the VASAP office around here WILL let you pre-schedule the installation appointment for a time right after court.

This lets you jump ahead of the line for ignition interlock installation, and some companies have a 1-2 week waiting list. However, if you can get an installation appointment on the calendar several weeks before court and you schedule it for right after court that makes a shorter waiting period to get your ignition interlock device installed.

The quickest I’ve had a client be able to get his interlock installed is the afternoon of court. It doesn’t typically happen that fast, but pre-scheduling your ignition interlock installation can reduce the number of days that you can’t drive.

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