Beat a Spotsylvania Reckless Driving Ticket

There are many ways to beat your reckless driving in Spotsylvania, Virginia ticket. You should know from the outset that it is a misdemeanor charge, and the possible punishments include a fine of up to $2,500.00, jail time up to one year, and loss of your license up to six months. Thus it is very important to analyze all your options and learn how you can get the best possible result in court.

What am I really facing for reckless driving in Spotsylvania?

The specifics of your case will determine what you’re actually facing for your Spotsylvania reckless driving ticket. There are a number or factors that will play in to what type of outcome you will get. Such factors include:

  • Your prior driving record.
  • Your demeanor during this stop.
  • Whether or not other traffic was affected.
  • Your particular speed or the other unique fact of the reckless driving case.
  • Whether or not you’ve attended driving school in the past.
  • Whether or not you attend driving school and do community service for this new case.

Those are just a few of the factors that the judge will consider in Spotsylvania when you go up before him for your reckless driving case. Note that one important factor that some people overlook is how you conducted yourself with the officer. This is why it’s very important anytime you’re stopped to be extremely polite and cooperative with the officer. You don’t have to submit to all of their tests. However, you should always be very polite and respectful.

Call me for your Spotsylvania reckless driving ticket

One of the best things you can do for a reckless driving in Spotsylvania ticket is to call me for your free consultation. I focus on traffic and misdemeanor offenses in Spotsylvania County and the surrounding counties. I reside here in Spotsylvania County, and my office is located in the county as well, so I’m very familiar with the local court, the prosecutors, and the officers. It’s critically important to work with a local traffic attorney so you know that the attorney knows how to handle the case best.

Driving school may be an option in Spotsylvania

One option that we may have for your Spotsylvania reckless driving ticket is for you to attend a driver improvement clinic. This is a great option that can help you beat your reckless driving in Spotsylvania ticket.

If we can persuade the judge to send you to driving school or accept your driving school certificate, sometimes we can have the case completely dismissed. The only thing that you would have to do is to pay court costs, typically of $81.

To get to this outcome isn’t necessarily simple, and it’s something that I can help you achieve in appropriate cases. However, if you go to court alone, you’re risking the possibility of being found guilty of reckless driving in Spotsylvania.

Request my free book for more information about reckless driving

If you’re not ready to call today to talk about your case then take the next best step and request my free book about fighting your Spotsylvania reckless driving ticket. It’s jam-packed full of great tips, concrete information about things you can do to help you have a better chance in court. It’s a free download that you get instantly when you fill out the form here, and I would love to send you a copy so you can begin your defense today.

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