Creative Punishment for Reckless Driving

published by Andrew Flusche on November 12, 2012

A Cleveland judge has shown a bit of initiative in punishing a woman found guilty of reckless operation and failure to stop for a school bus. A school bus driver caught Shena Hardin of Cleveland on film driving on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the bus while it was loading and unloading children. The video, which can be found on YouTube, shows that the act was likely a daily occurrence. It also captures a police officer pulling Hardin over moments later.

Hardin was found guilty of reckless operation and failure to stop for a school bus on November 5th. In addition to a $250 fine and the suspension of her license for 30 days, Hardin must stand at the corner of the intersection where this act occurred between 7:45 and 8:45 AM holding a sign that reads “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus” for two days.

Though not a typical penalty, Hardin is not the only one who has been ordered by courts in the United States to hold signs as part of their punishment. An Indiana man, for example, shirked jury duty and had to wear a sign in front of the court house proclaiming he’d done so while two Pennsylvania women who stole a gift card from girl on her birthday were required to do the same.

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