Should You Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

If you have a traffic ticket, you should consult someone who *regularly* handles traffic cases in the city/county in question. These cases differ a ton by state and they can even differ greatly based on the county it’s in. A traffic regular will know what can be done in your scenario and should be able to take care of the ticket for a flat rate.

We may have many defenses in your case. One issue could be the calibration of your speedometer. Here in Virginia, most judges will accept a certified calibration report into evidence. But you definitely want to be SURE the calibration is showing that the speedometer is reading *lower* than the vehicle’s actual travel speed. If it reads *higher*, that means the speedometer would’ve been displaying an even higher speed than the officer clocked. Not a good scenario.

The judges I’m in front of in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, and Stafford will give the defendant credit for whatever the calibration says. Some Virginia judges may require the defendant to actually testify that he was relying on the speedometer at the time. In other words, there’d need to be evidence that the driver was actually paying attention and thought the speedometer read X.

Even if we don’t have a defense in your case, we still may be able to get the judge to give you a break on the charge with driving school. This is why calling a traffic attorney regular is important. That’s the best way to find out what might be possible in court.

It doesn’t hurt you to call for a free consult. If you have a traffic case near Fredericksburg, let’s talk.

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