How to Hire a Lawyer

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As a Fredericksburg lawyer, I try to do my best to serve Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County residents. And as a blogger, I want to also educate people all over the world. For that, I offer some tips on hiring an attorney.

Do you need a lawyer?

Before you hire a plumber, you ask if you need one. The same should apply when hiring an attorney. Some issues can be handled on your own, while others definitely require an attorney’s assistance.

What type of issue do you have?

Lawyers usually specialize. This means that not every attorney handles every type of legal issue. You don’t go to a brain surgeon for help with a foot problem. So you don’t hire a criminal lawyer to help setup your business. You need to find a lawyer who handles the type of issue that you have.

Contact an attorney.

The first main step for you to take is contacting a local attorney who works in the area where you need assistance. You can find local attorneys by searching on Google Maps or picking up the yellow pages. You can also try entering something like “Fredericksburg lawyer” in your favorite search engine. Then just call or email an attorney that looks like a possible fit for you.

Meet with the attorney.

Some lawyers offer a free initial consultation, but others will require at least a modest fee to meet with you in person. When you initially contact the attorney, find out what an initial meeting will cost. This is your chance to do a quick interview of the attorney, see if he/she can handle your issue, and decide if you can afford the fees. The attorney will also evaluate you and your issue, to see if he/she can adequately assist you.

Sign a contract for services.

When you officially hire an attorney, you will typically be asked to sign some type of contract for legal services. This outlines the legal relationship between you and your new attorney, including fees and billing. Be sure to read it carefully and ask any questions that come to mind.

Now it’s time to cooperate with your attorney and get the issue resolved. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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