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I defend DUI charges in Stafford County, Virginia. Call me, your Stafford DUI lawyer, to find out how we can fight your charge and what you might be facing.

The video below gives a brief overview of fighting a DUI in Stafford.

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Hello, I’m Andrew Flusche. I’m an DUI Defense Lawyer in Stafford county, VA.

I love helping people fight DUI charges.

DUI is so stigmatized in today’s society, and it is dangerous, but in a lot of cases people are just barely over the legal limit, and they frankly didn’t realize that they might have been that intoxicated.

If you are facing a DUI charge, you really need to speak with an attorney. You might talk to friends or colleagues and they’ll give you anecdotes about what happened in their case or a friend’s case, but until you speak with an actual DUI Lawyer in Stafford, you won’t know really what you’re facing.

There are quite a few defenses we can mount, arguments that we can make on your behalf, and then, of course, a lot of things come down to your driving record, your past history and any prior convictions you may have had.

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What Does a Stafford DUI Lawyer Do and What Do They Charge?

If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI in the state of Virginia, you should know that you are facing serious criminal charges and need assistance from a Stafford DUI attorney. You may be asking yourself: what does a Virginia DUI lawyer do and what do they charge?

DUI/DWI charges under Virginia law can result in a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction with up to 12 months in jail for even a first offense and the revocation of your driver’s license for one year. Subsequent offenses have more serious penalties, and having three DUI convictions in a ten-year period can result in a term of imprisonment for up to 5 years.

The primary job of your Virginia DUI lawyer is to fight the charges and to build a strong defense for your case. I work hard to be able to provide effective DUI defense services while keeping my rates low. You can read more about what I charge for DUI defense services here.

Recent Case Result: Stafford DWI Client Acquitted

(Cases depend upon unique facts. Past cases do not guarantee future outcomes.)

Jose (*name changed for privacy) was arrested for DWI in Stafford County. Due to his arrest, he lost his job and would have trouble finding more work in his field. We sprung into action to help Jose get his life back.

At trial, the prosecutor chose to not subpoena the nurse who drew Jose’s blood. Instead, they relied on the arresting deputy to testify that the proper blood withdrawal procedure was followed.

The deputy testified that the nurse only used the contents of the official Department of Forensic Science test kit to draw Jose’s blood. This is important, because the government has to prove that the nurse used an appropriate arm cleanser and properly sterilized needle – to prevent contamination of the blood sample.

However, we cross-examined the deputy about his claim, since his own body camera video showed the nurse bringing other items to the blood draw. Also, the official state blood draw kit doesn’t contain needles! It’s pretty hard to draw blood using only the contents of the kit if there’s no needle inside.

We argued that the judge should not allow the blood test results into evidence, since the government did not meet it’s burden of proving the proper procedure had been followed.


The judge agreed! Without any blood results, the government’s case evaporated. They did not have sufficient evidence to prove a DWI, so the judge found Jose NOT guilty.


First Offense for DUI in Stafford County, VA

Just briefly, if you have a first offense DUI the maximum punishment you would be looking at is up to 12 months in jail.

Normally, if it’s a standard first offense in Stafford, you’re not looking at active jail time. A lot of standard first offenses might only get 60 days of suspended jail time.

Then of course, if you’re convicted, there is a fine. The fine would normally be somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-$500 on a first offense if it’s a normal case. The maximum allowed is $2500 and the minimum fine on a first offense is $250.

And in any case, where you’re convicted of a DUI, you do lose your license for a period of time.

On the first offense of being charged with a DUI, that loss of license would be for 12 months and you would normally be eligible for a restricted license that would let you drive to work, to school, minor child care, and the like.

Second Offense for DUI in Stafford County, VA

Now if you have a second DUI that you’re charged with, or a DUI with an elevated blood alcohol content, such as a 0.15 or more, then you’re looking at mandatory minimum jail time.

In Stafford they are certainly known as a tough court; they don’t like to break charges down, especially when looking at a DUI. It’s very hard to get a Stafford DUI reduced from DUI down to reckless driving for instance.

But we certainly can mount every defense possible, to make sure that we’ve turned over every stone, and try to get you found not guilty.

Or, if you’re charged with a second offense, at least get that broken down to a first offense. Because on a second offense they have to prove the first offense, and sometimes they can’t.

If we push hard enough, sometimes we’ll be able to get them to back down or win in front of the judge and get that second offense converted down to a first.

Free Consultation with a DUI Lawyer in Stafford County, VA

If you are charged with a DUI in Stafford County your case will be tried at the Stafford County General District Court.
DUI Lawyer Stafford
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So if you’re charged with a Stafford DUI please give me a call today at 540-642-1668.

I am an experienced DUI Lawyer in Stafford County, VA and I’d love to give you a free consultation.

We’ll talk about the facts of your case and about your prior record and talk about what exactly you’re facing and what we can hopefully do to get the best result possible.

I’d love to give you 110% of my effort and work my hardest for you to hopefully get the best outcome for your Stafford DUI.

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