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If you have a Spotsylvania DUI or DWI, call me, your Spotsylvania DUI lawyer. This page explains what you may be facing and how we can approach your DUI defense.

This is only an overview, so there are many additional points we need to talk about.

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Spotsylvania DUI Lawyer

Hello, I’m Andrew Flusche. I’m a Spotsylvania DUI lawyer. If you have a charge of DUI or DWI in the county of Spotsylvania, we need to talk. You need to know the actual law that you’re charged with violating, what possible defenses we can put together and mount on your behalf, and then of course what possible punishments you might be facing.

There is a lot of stuff on the internet about DUI and a lot of myths you might run across, and friends that might have talked to you about their cases that they may have had and there is a lot going on right now. But the best thing that you can do at this point if you’re facing a charge of DUI in Spotsylvania is to call an attorney like me, who practices regularly in Spotsylvania. I actually live in the county of Spotsylvania and my office is located here so I’m very familiar with how these cases work in this county, and what we can hopefully do to get a good result in your case.

Spotsylvania DUI Charge

Just briefly, a charge of DUI, if it’s a basic first offense where your blood alcohol content is less than 0.15, you’re not facing mandatory jail time, but the possible jail time is up to 12 months in jail. Typically on a normal first offense you don’t get active jail time. You’d be looking at suspended jail time though. Then you do have a fine on a first offense. This is all if you’re found guilty of course. On a first offense the maximum fine is $2500, the minimum fine is $250. In Spotsylvania, like most of the courts in the Fredericksburg area, the first offense fine, if you’re found guilty, may be something in the neighborhood of $350.

Then you also, if you’re convicted, have mandatory license suspension for 1 year on a first offense. So that would be 12 months loss of your license. Now if it’s a standard case, with no aggravating factors, it should not be an issue to get you a restricted driver’s license so you’d be able to drive to work, to school, to ASAP, for minor child care, and even to church on Sunday. Then also you would have ASAP. We can’t forget that element. If you’re convicted of DUI you do have mandatory ASAP that can only be waived in very few cases. So that’s a requirement you’d have to complete as well.

Those are just the basics, the basic elements and punishments for a first offense. But the Commonwealth has to prove you did it and you deserve a good defense to go into all the elements of the case and to see if we can mount a defense and beat the charge, or at least maybe get the charge reduced down to something like reckless driving where you wouldn’t have the stigma attached to DUI. You also wouldn’t have 12 months loss of your license. If you were convicted of reckless driving, your license can only be taken for 6 months.

What Andrew Flusche Can do For You

There is a lot of work we can do and a lot of room we have to try and get a better result in this case; maybe fighting the whole thing head-on, maybe trying to suppress the whole stop to say that the officer didn’t legally stop you. Maybe trying to get the breath certificate kept out of evidence, if the machine wasn’t working properly. There are a lot things we can do on a DUI to mount our best defense and hopefully get you a great result in court.

If this isn’t your first offense, or if you are alleged to have an elevated blood alcohol content, then it’s super important to talk with an attorney for your Spotsylvania DUI. If it’s your second offense or a third offense, you’re facing mandatory jail time. Likewise, if you have blood alcohol content allegedly of 0.15 or above then you’re also looking at mandatory minimum jail time, so you definitely want to talk with an attorney ASAP. You do really need to call someone soon, because your trial date is usually going to be set pretty quickly. A lot of DUIs in Spotsylvania will go to trial 60-90 days after the offense date, so even waiting a couple weeks to talk with an attorney can really impact your defense, or at least impact the time you have to get the fees together to hire somebody and get the process underway.

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So please call me today. I’ll give you a free consultation. We’ll talk about your case, talk about what we might can do, and of course, what exactly the fee would be to hire me. I would love to speak with you about your Spotsylvania DUI.

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