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My book is packed full of information on Virginia reckless driving tickets. It covers everything from the law itself to possible defense to how your actual trial will be done. The book helps you determine if you should get your speedometer calibrated, and it has some recommended calibration shops. If you decide to interview attorneys about your case, Chapter 8 provides advice on what questions to ask and you to pick an attorney to defend you.

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Taylor says:

As a Marylander with no experience with the Virginia courts, your ebook was a great resource. It helped me get my reckless driving charge reduced to a simple speeding ticket. Thank you!

Joseph says:

This book was very informative and an interesting read. I hope you like it as much as I have. It helped me understand what I had gotten myself into.

Asad writes:

...I would highly recommend this book to you regardless of whether you choose to hire a lawyer or represent myself. I think I would highly recommend the book to anyone facing reckless driving charges.
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