Driver Charged with Bribery After DWI Arrest

What NOT to do if you’re stopped by the police:

A Florida woman charged with driving under the influence allegedly offered sexual favors to the arresting police officer in order to let her go. On Sunday, January 13, 2013, a seventh grade teacher was arrested after hitting a Chevy pickup truck and driving away; a witness followed her after the collision and reported her to the police once she had parked.

Upon her arrest, police allege that the driver had bloodshot and glassy eyes and an empty container of wine behind her seat. Both airbags in the car had also been deployed. As the arresting officer was driving her to the police station, she allegedly asked him how much she needed to pay him to get him to let her go and then offered him two different sexual favors. Because of this, she now faces two counts of bribery in addition to her DUI charge. She is also charged driving on a suspended or revoked license as well as a hit and run.

The driver’s status as an educator is still pending, though she stands to lose her job over this incident. She will be referred to her school district’s counseling program and will either keep or lose her job depending on the results of the case.

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