Drug Dog Defenses for Virginia Possession of Marijuana

Virginia law enforcement officers use drug dogs / K-9 units to search for drugs, especially in stopped vehicles. But there may be arguments we can use to keep the dog sniff and subsequent search out of court. Check out these videos and then contact me for a free consultation about your case.

Beat Virginia Possession of Marijuana When the Dog Sniffs

Take a look here as I talk about a specific case in which the officer should have focused on the routine traffic stop, but instead took a detour into questions about drugs and calling a drug dog.

But The Dog Didn’t Alert

If the police use a drug dog to investigate your vehicle, what happens if the dog doesn’t alert? It won’t matter one bit if you consent to a search.

Can the Police Delay to Wait for the Drug Dog?

Find out when the police can make you wait and when they let you need to go on your way.

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Contact me today. I’ll get all the details of what happened and see what your best defense options are.

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