Stafford County Juvenile Reckless Driving Defense

If your son or daughter receives a reckless driving ticket in Stafford County, Virginia, you may be wondering what to do about the case. The ticket says that the both of you are going to have to appear in court. What should you do?

First of all, you have the right to have an attorney. But you may not need one. However, you should always talk with an attorney before appearing in court.

Defenses available for Stafford County reckless driving cases

Even if it’s a reckless driving by speed case and it seems pretty straightforward, there may be defenses available. The officer has to have proof that his equipment was calibrated and accurate within the last six months and he needs to be able to testify that he caught your son or daughter doing the alleged speed. These areas provide possible defenses.

In many cases, all this may be routine and in order. However, there may be a good argument in some cases to get the charge reduced to a lesser offense or maybe even dismissed completely if the officer can’t prove the evidence.

Another defense for a Stafford County juvenile reckless driving case is if your child is charged with reckless driving for an accident. Not all accidents are reckless driving. Many times the officer doesn’t have a choice but to write a ticket; however, a lot of times it may be a borderline case where the child may not be guilty of anything. Or it may be a case where we can at least negotiate it down to a lesser offense such as improper driving, which is a traffic ticket.

Is driving school an option in Stafford County?

Yes, it can be. Driving school isn’t always an option in every case. It does depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. However, for a routine reckless driving by speed case where it’s the child’s first offense, many judges are willing to give people a second chance. Depending on the judge and the circumstances, we might be able to have a reckless driving case reduced or dismissed with your son or daughter attending a driver improvement class.

What else do I need to know about reckless driving?

To learn more about the different defenses that may be available, the different outcomes that can happen in cases like this, and a wide array of things that affect Stafford County juvenile reckless driving cases, I recommend grabbing a free copy of my book. It’s all about reckless driving in Virginia, and it will give you more information about how the case works as a whole.

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