What is the Penalty for Reckless Driving in Spotsylvania County, Virginia?

published by Andrew Flusche on June 3, 2013


If you have a ticket for reckless driving in Spotsylvania, Virginia you may be wondering what you’re really facing. Lots of websites out there will tell you you’re going to jail, will have $2,500 fine, will lose your license and your job.

That’s just not true.

The jail and fine are the maximum punishment allowed by law in Virginia for a charge of reckless driving. Technically speaking, you are facing the possibility of up to 12 months in jail, a fine up to $2,500.00 and loss of your privilege to drive in Virginia for up to six months.

However, those are the maximum punishments. Only one time have I ever seen anyone in any court been given the maximum fine of $2,500. I’m sure it happens more often, but out of the hundreds of reckless driving cases every day in Virginia, the percentage is tiny.

What are you really facing in Spotsylvania for a reckless driving charge? The question will definitely come down to several factors. First of all, we’ll have to look at your driving record. What’s your record like? Have you had other tickets? Have you had other reckless driving tickets? Have you ever gone to a driving school before for any reason? Depending on all those pieces of information, I can tell better what you may be facing.

Another key piece of information for a Spotsylvania reckless driving case is of course the actual allegation about the case. Is it a case for speed, and if so, what speed are you alleged to have been going in what zone? Not all reckless driving by speed cases are created equal. If you’re charged with just going exactly 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. that’s reckless driving technically, but depending on your record that may be a case that we could have completely dismissed with you attending a driving school in Spotsylvania.

Contrast that with a case where you’re charged with going over 100 miles in Spotsylvania. In that case, you may very well be looking at going to jail for a few days.

The point of this article is that Spotsylvania reckless driving cases definitely vary depending upon all the facts and circumstances. Unfortunately, nobody can write an article that covers the outcome for every reckless driving case across the state. It’s impossible because cases differ so much depending on all the subtleties of the case.

But this is also why it’s important to discuss your case with a local, experienced, trusted reckless driving lawyer in Spotsylvania County. To learn more about reckless driving in Spotsylvania County, definitely download a copy of my free book. It’s all about reckless driving defense in general plus tips about what to do, what not to do, and a really great section on how to have a do-over if things don’t go well. Grab your copy for free!

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