Possession of Marijuana

Is Your Lawyer Waiving Your Rights?!

published by Andrew Flusche on April 4, 2014


If you’re charged with a crime in Virginia, you have the right to confront the witnesses against you. If there’s a scientific certificate of analysis at issue in the case, your confrontation right includes the people who actually did the analysis. But did you know that your lawyer could waive that right without you even […]

Can Your Marijuana Charge be Amended to Possession of Paraphernalia?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 20, 2014

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In Virginia, if you’re accused of possession of marijuana, another more favorable option might be attractive to you. In some cases, we can try to have the charge amended from possession of marijuana to possession of controlled drug paraphernalia. The reason people look for this option is because on a marijuana charge, you’re license has […]


Perhaps. Virginia law says that you cannot possess marijuana. What exactly does possession mean and how much do they have to have to prove the case? That’s really what this type of scenario involves. In many cases if people are in a room smoking marijuana there’s going to be obviously some amount of marijuana. They’re […]

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If you are accused of possession of marijuana in Virginia, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in possession of marijuana. It sounds simple, but it can be a little bit complicated. The first word really in the statute that matters is possession. What is possession of marijuana? The basic rule […]

Do I Need An Attorney For my Arraignment?

published by Andrew Flusche on February 25, 2014

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I talk with lots of people who are charged with a more serious offense, such as Virginia DUI or Virginia possession of marijuana, and one questions people have is whether or not they need to have counsel for their arraignment in court. The general answer is no, you do not need to have an attorney […]

Can I Petition to Have Traffic Fines Reduced Even if the Case is Old?

published by Andrew Flusche on February 21, 2014

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Typically not. In Virginia you have several options if you have been found guilty of a traffic or misdemeanor offense. However, your options expire very quickly as time goes by. Your first option to try to have your fine reduced would be to file a motion to reopen the case. This option expires 60 days […]

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This question involves several different issues that you’ll need to analyze to determine what’s going on in your case. The best way to get the correct answer for your specific case is to call me for a free consultation. If your case is pending in my area then I can hopefully give you a specific […]

What is Delayed Reporting in Virginia?

published by Andrew Flusche on January 20, 2014

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In Virginia’s General District Court if you’re sentenced to jail time for a misdemeanor charge (such as Virginia DUI, reckless driving or possession of marijuana) we have some options to delay the jail time. One option is delayed reporting. Delayed reporting is essentially a request to the judge to order that you report for your […]

How to Avoid Virginia Marijuana License Suspension

published by Andrew Flusche on January 17, 2014

Is there a way to avoid license suspension for a marijuana case in Virginia? Let’s see.

I am Charged With Possession of Marijuana. What will Happen to my License?

published by Andrew Flusche on January 15, 2014

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If you are charged with possession of marijuana in Virginia, you’re facing the possibility of six months loss of your license. This applies even if you have a license from another state. In that case, Virginia would suspend your privilege to drive in our state if you are found guilty of possession of marijuana. A […]