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Is Your Lawyer Waiving Your Rights?!

published by Andrew Flusche on April 4, 2014


If you’re charged with a crime in Virginia, you have the right to confront the witnesses against you. If there’s a scientific certificate of analysis at issue in the case, your confrontation right includes the people who actually did the analysis. But did you know that your lawyer could waive that right without you even […]

How Does Ignition Interlock Work? [video]

published by Andrew Flusche on April 2, 2014

Many of my DWI clients have questions about the ignition interlock device that will be required if they’re convicted of the DWI charge. We’ve compiled a list of interlock providers and prices, but I didn’t think that was enough to explain exactly what interlock is. I wanted to SHOW how what it is and how […]

Blood Alcohol Content Over .15

Virginia law has different levels of DWI offenses. Depending upon your blood alcohol content and how many prior DWIs you’ve had, you are facing a variety of different punishments. A basic first offense DWI is normally any case where your blood alcohol content is less than .15. If that is the case, in most instances […]

What Will Happen for Driving on a Suspended License Third Offense?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 31, 2014

driving on a suspended 3rd offense

If you are charged with driving on a suspended third offense, or later, you need to talk with an attorney. In Virginia driving on suspended may seem like a fix-a-ticket to a lot of people. Their license is suspended for fines, costs for driving school, insurance verification, or any number of reasons. Some people think […]

Can The Police Pull You Over For a Pine Tree Air Freshener?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 27, 2014

pine tree air freshner

Yes. One of the concerns that you should have with the equipment on your vehicle when you’re driving anywhere, is whether or not it could be a source for the police to pull you over. The majority of people are not doing anything illegal on most days; however sometimes you might have a little too […]

Points In Time For A DWI [Infographic]

published by Andrew Flusche on March 26, 2014

DWI statistics

Ok, so you have been charged with DUI/DWI in Virginia. Now what? This infographic will give you a look at what is coming up in the in the next 7 days all the way up to the next three years, if you are found guilty. Even if you haven’t been charged, share this with your […]

How do You Fight a DWI Second Offense in Virginia?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 24, 2014

arrested for DUI/DWI

If you’re facing a charge of DWI second offense, you need to give me a call for a free case strategy session so we can talk about the specifics of your case and begin your defense together. In general, a defense for a DWI second offense is very similar to a first offense case. The […]

Can Your Marijuana Charge be Amended to Possession of Paraphernalia?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 20, 2014

lighting up

In Virginia, if you’re accused of possession of marijuana, another more favorable option might be attractive to you. In some cases, we can try to have the charge amended from possession of marijuana to possession of controlled drug paraphernalia. The reason people look for this option is because on a marijuana charge, you’re license has […]

I’m Drunk Right Now. What Rights am I Losing?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 18, 2014

drinking at home

Some people wonder if they’re losing rights or losing different options in the law if they are drunk. The good news that I have for you is that you’re really not. While being drunk might be very risky and you might get yourself in trouble, due to poor decision making for example, you don’t really […]

What Statements Could Hurt You During a DWI Stop?

published by Andrew Flusche on March 17, 2014

blue lights

Just about anything you say can hurt you during a DWI stop. This is why I normally recommend invoking your right to remain silent, in a polite way, but not talking with the police. Specifically, how can it hurt you if you talk to the officer? Typically a DWI stop begins with some other reason […]